Straight Razor Rolls

I made my original razor rolls for my own razors to store, protect, and travel with. However soon I was making them custom for other people’s razors. I started with a 7 slot roll to keep to tradition, however I wanted something to hold a few more. So the 16 slot roll came to life!!


I make these rolls out of either canvas or denim. The canvas is a bit stiffer, and the denim is just a great material. While all my rolls are made the same, I did change one thing around the 5th roll or so, I added the zig-zag stitching between the slots for durability and asthetics. All the razor rolls are double layered, stitched, turned inside out with another stitch around the edges. Then folded and stitched for the individual razor slots. Each roll has a foldover flap that securely snugs down the roll for safety and travel and then ties shut.

These rolls can be bought as made or custom ordered to your specs. Current material colors include kaki or grey canvas or black denim. I use upholstery thread for all stitching, and together with the material makes for a very secure and great looking roll to store and hold your valued razors. These rolls should hold razors from 4/8 through 8/8+ depending on the size of the handle. Most of my razors are 6/8+ wedges and fit very secure.


As always, if there are any issues with fit, function or design, I do offer a money back guarantee.



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