HoFFritz High Class Straight Razors Creme Scales 13/16″

Great razors. Smooth sharp shavers. A great addition but please contact me to see about availability. I like these a lot and may not get rid of many more.

These 13/16″ straight razors have creme scales, red Hoffritz name on the side of the scales, and a big beautiful blade with gold etching.


HoneWear-Minor(probably from the initial honing)

Grind-Quarter Hollow

Tip-Round Point. Very nice to have near the ears.

ScaleColor-Creme with Hoffritz name in red

Blade Print-Gold ‘High Class’

3rd Pin-Yes. Looks great.

Tang Stamp-Hoffritz Made in Germany

Original Box-Yes, blue plastic box, excellent shape. Typical with many of the razors from Solingen during this time frame.

This is a beautiful blade. I am selling these razors as they are with the box(I have not honed or performed any restoration). The razors may still have the protective oil on it as I purchased it. The razors and boxes are in excellent condition. I will hone for an additional $10. Any questions, please ask. These straights will make a fine addition as collection piece, but would be better served as a daily use razor. No reason to store them, use them!! Any questions, please ask.

Price $xxx shipped CONUS. For international shipping add $6. For honing, add $10. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

PayPal preferred. For other payment options, please contact me.

 ***BONUS*** I will take 5% off total purchase with an additional item purchased. So 5% for 2 items, 10% for 3 items, etc. This is capped at 20% off at the 5th item. Anything after that is still 20% off the total purchase.