Razors for Sale

Here you will find razors for sale. All razors are vintage restores with either custom or vintage scales. Vintage scales will be used if they can be. All custom scales are of my design or yours. Each is a one off and created for the razor. Prices are for the razor shipped CONUS. If the original razor had a box, I will include. Whenever possible, I will try to include a box although it may not match. All international orders will add some additional fees for shipping.

If you are interested in a custom of your design, email me and let’s talk. Any other questions, please ask.

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Hoffritz Black Handle Razors

Hoffritz Creme Handle Razors




The razor just arrived about 10 minutes ago. It’s exactly like my great grandpa’s razor only much more aesthetically pleasing. When you said cream colors scales you meant it.  Anyways (RazorSmith), thanks for putting up the razor. It’s my first “all mine” razor.

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