I do occasionally offer free or discount honing. At current I am not offering honing due to various other commitments.  Please feel free to use my contact page to request honing, but know that this request may be denied based on other priorities.

All razors sold at RazorSmith.com will come honed to shave ready unless stated in the information of the razor. If  you have any other questions, please ask.


(if you have a zeepk, master, kreigar, tomahawks, or some other brand new razor, I may not hone them. DAs and Wapis are OK!. if you are not sure, ask)



RazorSmith.com is now offering honing.

Do you have a damaged edge, or just need a touchup? Let me put that edge back on your razor that is starting to pull. Full hollows, wedges, folding straights or japanese styles, 4/8-10/8, straight edge or big smilies. I use various waterstones, pasted hones, and pasted and unpasted hanging strops.

Razor honing is $15 shipped CONUS. Additional razors are $10 each for the next four additional. The $15 covers 1st class shipping back to you for razors 1-5. If you want upgraded shipping, additional fees may apply. If you are not in CONUS, I can recomend you someone keep from paying international shipping.


 Check back occasionally as I will be offering free honing from time to time to a limited number of razors.




I received the razor today and shaved with it tonight. Wow! This is one smooth shaving razor. I have several razors but in the past my favorite has been an almost NOS Kinfolk Blue Steel that I bought from (well known honer). This Southern Mfg. gives it a run for the money! I know I’ll be reaching for it on a regular basis. Thanks for a great shaving and great looking razor, at a great price as well! I think I’m becoming a fan of American Steel.


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