Restoration- Restoration of blades including removing of water damage, polishing, all the way to rust and pit removal and mirror like finishes. (A true mirror finish is defined by many ways. Let’s talk)

Razors for Sale Vintage razors for sale. These razors will either be lightly cleaned, or full restores; 4/8-10/8; full hollow up to big old wedges. You just never know. All will be shave ready, disinfected, and will include a box when available.

Scales-  Domestic and exotic hardwoods. Custom or OEM shape and style. Finishes including polyurethane, epoxy/mirror coat, CA, and hand rubbed oil finishes.

HoningHoning for small blades, large blades, smiling blades, japanese styles. Honing comes with a shave ready guarantee and lifetime rehoning for that blade(owner pays postage on lifetime honing).

Brushes- Custom brushes or vintage re-knots, here is where you find them. Custom orders as well, just email me and let’s talk.

Razor Rolls-  Custom rolls made of either heavy duty duck canvas or denim. 7 slot rolls, 16 slot rolls, or custom rolls as requested.


Tshirts-  While supplies last, Wade & Butcher tshirts. Black shirts with white lettering. Classic design on a modern shirt.



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