Garden Master Tiller

So the Grandpa Mac had this lovely tiller sitting in the boathose storage. I would estimate that the tiller was sitting in the boathouse at least 5+ years. The wife said that she had not seen a garden down at the lake in at least 15 years. Since the family and I have been gardening more this past year and plan to expand our garden again this year the tiller was the perfect addition to the home! Unfortunately this meant a decent tear down and tune up was in store.

1st thing was to drain the ancient GAS that was still sitting in the tank. luckily it had gas in the tank. This is probably the only thing that kept the tank from rusting out completely. New spark plug came next. The old one was pretty wretched. Then the air filter was next. The old filter disintegrated into a gazillion tiny dust particles. Interesting…. And finally there was the carb. Pulled this completely apart and gave it a good soaking. Lots of scrubbing, lots of cleaner, and lots of patience.

After getting everything back together and about 10 pulls with choke on, the old girl fired up. I was pretty amazed, and excited. Then it died. 10 min of this start up and putter out and my arm was getting tired of pulling. Looks like my tear down was not as good as I thought. Carb off again and another soaking and scrubbing and back together. Added some fresh gas and cranked it up again. This time let it run with the choke on for about 5 min then with choke off for another 10 min while I cleaned out some of the storage shed. That old engine was purring like a raging kitten!! Spent the next 15 min tearing into a small spot next to my compost bin. Now I just wish that it would stop raining so I can till up the spot in my yard that I actually want tilled up!!