Tourneys and Playtime

So with the end of 2014 will also end my time in the Intermediate division. I put in a couple of years in intermediate playing minimally in tourneys. As much as I wanted to play more, family commitments came 1st. However it looks like there may be some additional chances to play this up coming year. So follow along with me and root for my success in moving into a higher division.

Another joy was getting 2 friends to start playing tourneys. One started his journey in tourneys by winning his first tourney and the other by jumping in full speed into a world of disc golf. He just started playing this year and in his 2nd tourney he beat his rating by 30 points a round. Hopefully in his 3rd tourney we can get his rating up quite a bit more. Good luck dude!!

2014 – Darren PDGA details

6 tourneys this year. The only course that I was not familiar with was Cedar Hill. Not only was it windy, but new courses, and had a guy with a horrible attitude on my card. Really made for a rough round. Still finished 31/60 in my division. Not great but I learned so much from this tourney

  1. Play a consistent game no matter to venue. I have played enough to know shots. Just because you are on a different course, still play your shots.
  2. Don’t let a butthead cost you strokes. When you are bothered by something pull yourself out of that situation and just play golf.
  3. Control what you can control. You cannot control weather or an idiot, but you can control your game. Focus on you!

Rest of the year went pretty well. No wins but 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fifth, and 1 eight. Considering that a lot of players played these same tourneys I think that I did pretty well. For those that play with me or against me, good luck this year. Kick some butt.