Birdie Beads

Birdie Beads, or BBs are a great way to keep score during your round without having to carry a pencil or try to remember from hole to hole what you just scored. Easy to use and very customizable. Contact me for availability. Add matching zipper pulls for more flair to your bag and look great dropping scores!

Available cord colors: red, red camo, blue, blue camo, hot pink, pink camo, black, and yellow camo are the colors normally kept in stock.

Available bead colors: red, blue, black, clear, glow, green, pink, orange, yellow…

How to Use-

BBs have 2 sides of beads, usually lighter or darker, but always contrasting. Start your round and pick a color to indicate as birdies or bogeys. Then PLAY golf!!

Every time you birdie you move a birdie bead. Every bogey, move a bogey bead. Every par, do nothing. At the end of the round count it up. 3 birdies and 1 bogey means 2 under par. Simple right!! Enjoy and happy throwing!!


Average length = 10″

18 beads per side

Clear or Glow offsetting beads

550′ Paracord ties.


IMG_0648 IMG_0674