Japanese Razors are UberCool!!!!

By | 2010/02/12

Just a new post since I have not posted one lately.

I love Japanese straight razors(JSR). They are the bomb! They are amazingly sharp, are ubercool, and scare the holy Jesus out of most people that use straight razors. The are tiny little razors but they are just wonderful to use for shaving. I have a couple that are manufactured razors, and a couple that are custom razors. I cannot say that there is one that I prefer over the other, however I would take any of them over about any other straight razor. Even my Livi! Of the 5 that are in the JSR style, they are all unique and just a joy to use. And none of them are for sale in case you are wondering. The one in blue and the one with the beige rattan wrap, they are manufactured razors that I picked up. The one with the blue handle is not a Tosuke, however it has a Tosuke handle. The rattan wrap is an off brand, however is a little heavy and is quite nice. The blue handle is CRAZY sharp. When I got it, I put it on a Chinese 12k and then pasted strops. That was all it needed. Just fantastic. I like it so much, I shaved with this one for about a month straight at one point.

As for the other 3, the one with the brown handle is a normal straight razor. Wester Bros Damascus. The tang was so messed up and ground up from some other owner that I wondered what to do with it for about a year. Finally I came up with the idea of covering it up. I used some rosewood and epoxy to create a case, then sanded it down to form. Came out beautifully.  The darker razor with the green paracord wrap was made by Spazola over at SRP. Very creative guy. This was formally a file that he used to create a razor. Amazing shave. The last one was a custom razor by Russell Baldridge. He only made a few of these and I was lucky enough to grab one. This is another one of those razors that I could use over and over and over.

Please enjoy the photos. If you have any questions send me a note. Thanks again.


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