Update on the RazorSmith family!!!

By | 2009/11/02

So long time no post. Sorry but life has been busy.  But hopefully business production will be up and booming again before to long. So just to let everyone know what is happening. Enjoy and stay tuned.

Finally this fall I have started back to school. After a 2 year hiatus due to the birth of our twin boys, I worked a deal with my manager to get back to school. 3 days during lunch, and one evening. My day gets going at about 5 am and usually ends at about midnight or later depending on the project of homework. Long days.

Along with school, I was refereeing high school volleyball again this year. This is another one of my hobbies that take my time, however it pays pretty well. If anyone needs extra cash and knows any high school sport pretty well, go ref! www.TASO.org.

My coaching season is about to get started pretty soon. Actually, we have our 1st age specific clinic this Wednesday, and tryouts the 2nd weekend in Nov. 1st tournament will be 12/19/09. Not much time and I have 17′s age group by myself this year. Fun times, and I really like this age group. Check out our club program at www.Kahunavbc.com.

Going along with the coaching, I referee during the club season. So my typical Saturday and Sunday will be half a day of coaching, and half a day of refereeing. Sorry to SWMBO. I know that I will be leaving you at home quite a bit, but hey, it puts money back in the bank. www.usav.org

And the best reason to not work on razors…… we have a new kiddo (#4) on the way. Due April 21, 2010. Do not know the sex yet, as I do not want to know. However we do have names already. John Peter, or Connie Louise. Let’s go Connie Louise!!! I need another little girl, and my daughter needs a little sister. I will try to post a pic in the near future.


So school ends in about a month before starting up again in Jan. I plan on working on some razors and brushes at the time, along with some Christmas presents. I bought a scroll saw for $10 at a garage sale from a gentleman that did cabinets and was retiring. Yay me. So stay tuned for some new products. Take care all.



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