RazorSmith Life Balance Update

By | 2009/08/05

WOW!!! The last few months have been incredibly busy times. I have had so many requests and it seems like so little time, so I finally had to put some things into perspective for myself.

My responsibilities and Time Constraints:::
3 kids under 5 including twins
House and Yardwork
School starting up in the fall and I am taking 2 classes and a lab
Full time job is going well but with lots of projects at the moment
1st part time job is coaching volleyball
Had tournaments every weekend Saturday and Sunday for past 3 months
Long HOT days in the Texas heat (100+ degrees)
2nd part time job is refereeing volleyball
Classes, fees, training, meetings, blah, blah, blah
3rd part time job is RazorSmith.com.
Unfortunately this is where time is costing me the most.
Need time for myself.

So wow, lots to do and when to do it???? I am still working on that. We transitioned the twins to beds instead of the cribs. Let me just say that they like to get out of bed….. a lot….. both of them.

Washing machine went out. Good thing we have a lot of clothes. Bad thing when we got a new one, is that we had a lot of dirty clothes.

It seems to rain on days when I am able to mow, and be hot and sunny when I work. That’s just getting irritating. My forrest(yard) is suffering big time. And the city got onto me for my trees overhanging the street. That was a tedious process. Yay!

I am working as much as possible to try to get stuff paid off and so wife can be a stay at home mommy. I just show up at these places and get paid for the part time work. The razor stuff I have to make time for. Considering the kiddos are in bed at 8-9, and wife around 10-11, not a lot of time for the 2 of us. So I try to be available to her. So that leaves razors for after 11pm till I go to bed, only to wake up at 5:30ish.

So why am I saying all of this??? Because my razor items will have to become an as I get them done basis. I have been trying to knock out a couple of rolls now for the better part of a month and just cannot get them done. My next 3 months worth of weekends are all tied up working or traveling, so I am short on time. Then only thing that I have managed to stay pretty current on is honing. That is generally really quick turnaround. I have lost about a dozen orders on rolls just because I cannot sit down to sew them. (I apologize to those who waited very patiently to receive one only to shop or go a different route.) Things will calm down soon, but for now life is just busy, busy, busy.

That’s my rant for the day!!! Whew I feel better.


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